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What Clients Are Saying

Working with DeLUX Team was once again an exceptional experience.  You truly care about people beyond the work you are doing and it really shows. We know you guys are super busy but that never stops you from investing time with us and being consistently available.  You've stuck with us from beginning to end with each transaction. 

On the buy-side, you take time to learn our desires upfront to best guide us through the search process and continue to support us beyond closing (recommendations for how to get the best out of movers and services like painting).  We loved how you asked us very honest and candid questions to help us decide between multiple properties while helping us create our own visions of living the spaces (i.e. do you think your kids will still want to play in the backyard as they get older or do you think they'll be running around in the front with their friends?).

On the sell-side, your research and in-depth real estate knowledge helped us price our home right and have realistic expectations. Thanks to you, we were delighted to sell at our asking price in a softening market and in less than 2 weeks!  Bringing personal gifts to our kids and engaging with them while we tried to take care of business was just one way that you all went above and beyond. Additionally, you had classy suggestions for staging/preparing our home for the market without us needing to engage an outside party. You bring the full package. 

As negotiators, you are best in class.  We have no doubt you could run circles around most agents out there.  You are tough yet fair and highly ethical.  You get what you want and still make people love you along the way.   

We can't thank you enough for bringing us top-notch service.  Look forward to being in touch the next time we buy or sell.

Tony Albrecht

My husband Kevin and I found Barbee and her team through Dave Ramsey's endorsed local providers and couldn't have been happier with our luck in being connected with someone who truly does treat you like family. First off I submitted our information for a recommendation on the Dave Ramsey website, and as soon as I was opening the email that I got with the recommended realtors (a matter of maybe 5 seconds) Barbee was on the phone and calling me to find out how she could help us. It was this quick response time as well as the fact that she treated us like family (like we mattered) that we decided to go with DeLUX Team Realty. I had several realtors that called and wrote us off saying that we owed too much to sell at the time we were looking and that they wouldn't be able to help us sell. Barbee took the time out of her Sunday to come to our house, talk to us, walk though our house, and gave us the numbers that we were looking at. At the time we would have had to come to the table with money so we decided to wait but the fact that she came to our house, treated us like we mattered, and walked us through the numbers showing us she truly cared how this would financially affect our family and that we weren't just a bottom line to her. About 6 months later we gave her a call and she re-ran the numbers for us, showing that the market had turned around and that it was a good time for us to sell. She and her team came over to the house and gave very honest advice on what we needed to store to make it look show ready and sell as quickly as possible. I can't stop talking about Barbee whenever someone is talking about buying or selling a home. If you want someone who will go the extra mile for you and treat you like family, you will want to go with Barbee and DeLUX Team Realty.

Kevin and Jenny Suchey